RX SOLUTIONS new supplier of 3D tomography and X-ray


Our desire to offer the market advanced technologies that allow impact on the improvement of process quality control, forces us to perform a powerful technological surveillance.

In this context we have started a new collaboration with the company RX SOLUTIONS, which develops and markets X-ray and tomography equipment and is specialized in non-destructive tests using X-rays.

3D tomography is a powerful technology that gives you the possibility to see the inside of the material without having to cut or destroy your sample. Learn more about this technology.

Typical applications:

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Defect analysis, material distribution analysis, dimensional inspection, thickness analysis, comparison against CAD, reverse engineering ... etc.

RX Solutions has 3 main models depending on the sample size:


Easy Tom S, is a compact X-Ray Micro CT System with 185mm x 390mm inspection volume


Easy Tom, is a highly flexible X-ray CT system with 320mm x 420mm inspection volume


Easy Tom XL, is a highly flexible X-ray CT system with 320mm x 720mm inspection volume

Metrología Sariki has the sales and technical assistance authorization of X-ray generating equipment by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) and virtually all models have type approval, so they are not considered radioactive facilities.

Apart from commercialization, we also offer measurement services with this technology in our SARIKI PRECISION CENTER facilities.


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