Computed tomography

We propose a measurement solution that allows you to identify defects and verify the geometry of your parts internally and externally using X-ray technology. Suitable when you cannot perform destructive tests and need to verify your parts with high precision.

Typical applications: defect analysis, material distribution analysis, dimensional inspection, thickness analysis, comparison against CAD, reverse engineering ... etc.


Many possibilities for quality control

Many companies in the automotive, aeronautical, medical, etc. sector face the problem of not being able to know how their parts are internally with complex structures, these being necessary for the proper functioning of a component. Until now, the only formula available was to perform destructive tests, generating more costs and much time. But the X-rays commonly used in the health sector have begun to be applied at the industrial level offering many possibilities for quality control.

Computed tomography (CT) is basically a non-destructive process in which images (radiographs) are captured from all directions by penetrating radiation and subsequently allows the reconstruction of a 3D volume of the component, based on the intensity values of the projected images. Using advanced analysis software, the presence of pores or internal defects can be detected, as well as the measurement of inaccessible internal dimensional characteristics.

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Non-destructive image capture process

Likewise, it is possible to analyze the behavior and adjustment of assemblies, inspection of complex components of injected plastic, analysis and test of materials. The system can export the obtained model to an STL format or even compare it with the nominal CAD model


Integral project adapted to your needs

We offer an integral solution, adapted to your needs. The experience tells us that the collaboration with the client is the basis of success in this type of projects and that is the reason why we work jointly from the beginning, to identify which are the principal requirements and suggest the best solution.

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: project definition, installation, training, programming, user support and technical assistance. Sariki is made up of 60 highly specialized people with more than 35 years of experience in the metrology sector.

We accompany you throughout the project life

Get to know our computed tomography solutions


Easy Tom S, is a compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System up to 230mm x 380mm inspection volume


Easy Tom, is a highly flexible X-ray CT system up to 420mm x 520mm inspection volume


Easy Tom XL, is a highly flexible X-ray CT system up to 600mm x 720mm inspection volume.

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