Small parts

Easy Tom S, is a compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System up to 230mm x 380mm inspection volume. Offers a large scanning volume in a small footprint easily fitted into a lab or office room.

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High resolution 3D Computed Tomography

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Real time high resolution 2D digital radioscopy

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It has 4 axes and fixed detector

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Hamamatsu monobloc source. Less maintenance because it does not need a cable connection

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The panel and the source move vertically to capture the total volume of the part, and the panel can be approached also to the part. It is a differential aspect that allows you to save time in the scanning process and reduce the voltage

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X-ray tubes: 110Kv, 130Kv, 150Kv

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Voxel resolution up to 2µm

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Large inspection volume (diameter x height: 185mm x 390mm)

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Unequalled system size versus scannable volume ratio

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Achieve high resolution scans within the shortest time (6s): reduces the time to market and enhances the quality of your components 

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Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow for production batch

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Great versatility for a wide variety of applications and analyzable products

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X-ray safety interlocks, designed to meet X-ray safety regulations

X-act Software

  • Large variety of acquisition modes: conventional, helical, laminography, shift and stack modes 
  • Programmable automatic calibration and stabilisation
  • Easy and intuitive 3D optimization of the sample reconstruction volume
  • Automated wizard enabling non expert users to run CT scans
  • CT Scan Wizard with a highly intelligent, simple to use interface allowing fast and easy setup of the parameters for a high resolution, fast scan to the user needs


Computed tomography is a powerful technology that allows you to inspect components in an easy way. The only one that offers you the possibility of seeing the interior without having to cut or destroy your sample. The only limitation is found in the density of the parts.

Many types of applications can be made using CT, from typical industrial problems such as the detection of defects in your samples (gaps, cracks, porosity analysis) to metrology on external and internal surfaces of complex samples. Diverse sectors: automotive, aeronautical, plastic, electronics (assemblies), academic, research and medical.




Custom solution

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: definition of the project, installation, training, programming, user support, software updates, technical assistance, calibration and maintenance.

Technical specifications



2 µm

Maximum scanned volume:

230 mm x 380 mm

Maximum sample weight:


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