Measuring equipment

“You cannot improve what is not controlled; you cannot control what is not measured and you cannot measure what is not defined ”

Under this thought, industrial metrology plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of processes and products.

We offer industrial measurement equipment (hardware and software) to face the most demanding quality control tasks.

Through metrology you will be able to capture quality data and make use of the information to improve manufacturing processes. Manufacturers in the automotive, aeronautical, mechanical engineering, plastics, medical technology, additive manufacturing… etc sectors have already integrated inspection technology to validate their processes.

Measurement and verification is a key aspect that guarantees the qualitative leap in productivity and competitiveness levels, which is why the integration of metrology in the production line is increasingly necessary, especially in sectors as demanding as automotive and aeronautics.

At Sariki we develop optimized and integrated metrology solutions that guarantee maximum profitability and efficiency of production processes.


Sariki distributes industrial metrology equipment from the most internationally recognized manufacturers with all the guarantees

We have technical staff of both software and hardware experts in all the technologies we supply. We will accompany you throughout the process: installation of the equipment, training to guarantee the success of the technological investment, response to specific technical requests, preventive maintenance, calibration of equipment ... etc.


3D measurement



In process 3D measurement


Surface, contour and form measurement

Escáner 3D SIMSCAN Scantech

3D scanning



In process 3D scanning



Flexible in process inspection


In process optical measurement


Vision measurement


Computed tomography


100% in process measurement


In process weld measurement


In process defect inspection


Industry 4.0 software



Fixturing systems, peripherals and accessories

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