Fixturing systems, peripherals and accessories

We offer you different systems and accessories that will significantly improve your inspection and verification process.

Fixtures, tripods, bases, accessories for probe cleaning, and spray for 3D scanning.


Significantly improve your inspection process

  • One of the main benefits of using part fixture systems is the ability to securely and accurately hold the part during measurement. These systems can be specifically designed for the part being measured, ensuring a secure hold without displacement. This, in turn, reduces variability in measurement and increases the accuracy of results.
  • Tripods and bases are also important accessories in measurement, especially when used in combination with part fixture systems. These accessories provide a stable and level base for the measuring equipment, which helps reduce vibration and noise in measurement. This, in turn, increases accuracy and reduces measurement time.
  • In addition, accessories for probe cleaning are essential to ensure accuracy in measurement. During use, probes can accumulate dust and dirt, which can negatively affect measurement accuracy. Cleaning accessories are specifically designed to effectively clean the probes without damaging them, which helps ensure accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Finally, 3D scanning spray for parts is another accessory that can significantly improve the measurement process. This spray is applied to the surface of the part and creates a reference pattern for 3D scanning. This helps ensure accurate and reliable measurements of the surface of the part, even in areas that are difficult to measure with other methods.

Learn about the essential accessories to optimize your measurement process


Fixtures offer optimal positioning of the parts you want to measure and help you optimize inspection times


Tripods, bases and supports to increase the precision of your measurements


Sprays developed to obtain a homogeneous, uniform and very thin surface in 3D scanning


StyliCleaner is an automatic solution to remove dust or chips from the probes of Mitutoyo measuring machines

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