What’s new in Customer Support service

Sariki offers you a centralized integral service. From now on you can create your incident tickets directly from the web, as well as by phone and e-mail.

Sariki presents High Accuracy CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CRYSTA-Apex V Series suited to Smart Factories

Mitutoyo Corporation has developed the CRYSTA-Apex V 500/700/900 series for smart factories as its new line-up of CRYSTA-Apex series CNC coordinate measuring machines.

How to measure crankshafts in less than a minute directly on the shop floor

VICIVISION has developed a specific software tool dedicated to crankshaft measurements, able to provide dimensional control results of the highest accuracy.

3D scanner resolution. Know the keys to choose a 3D scanner

Resolution plays a significant part in the criteria of choice of 3D scanners. Yet this apparently simple concept covers notions not quite so easily grasped. In the article we will show you the difference between resolution and accuracy.

Nanotomography Provides AM Powder Inspection

CT allows the internal structures to be inspected with finesse in a non-destructive way keeping in mind that defects such as porosities or cracking can lead to significant structural integrity issues.

Increase your productivity by measuring alongside the CNC lathes with the new M1c optical machine

M1c is a fast and easy to use optical measuring machine, ideal for turned small metal parts, fittings or small-medium sized shafts. It can be placed directly on the shopfloor next to the CNC lathe and used by the machine tool operator.