We extend the calibration scope in VICIVISION equipment


We are taking a step forward in our commitment to technical excellence by expanding our calibration scope in VICIVISION equipment. This exciting update enables us to calibrate ENAC equipment up to 120 mm in diameter and up to 900 mm in height with an uncertainty of 1.3 μm 0.9 + 1.4 · L/1000 µm (L:mm).

This extension in calibration scope represents a significant milestone in Sariki's ability to meet our customers' needs more comprehensively and effectively, providing cutting-edge calibration solutions that meet the most demanding industry standards.

VICIVISION equipment is renowned for its accuracy and reliability, and now, with Sariki's enhanced calibration capability, users can have even greater confidence in the accuracy and quality of their measurements.

Máquina de medición óptica VICIVISION prima 306

Calibration certification is conducted through Sarikal Calibración, a company of the Unceta Group. Sarikal calibración has been accredited since 2001 (Accreditation No. 106/LC10.153) for carrying out calibrations in the dimensional area according to criteria set out in standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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All calibration scopes are properly accredited, ensuring customers' compliance with the most rigorous standards of quality and accuracy. Interested parties can consult the full list of accredited scopes of Sarikal Calibración here

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