Industry 4.0

Industrial metrology: the key to reducing costs.

In order to ensure quality and part’s results, measurements are an essential part of the process, especially in the industrial sector, where controlling these parameters may lead to the satisfaction, or not, of our customers.

How does industrial tomography work? 10 frequently asked questions about X-RAY CT.

This article will attempt to answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about industrial computed tomography and its applications.

Metrología Sariki and Ekide Group ally to develop flexible in-line inspection solutions

We have entered into a partnership with Ekide Group in order to develop flexible in-line inspection solutions.

MEASURLINK 9: Statistical process control in real time

The next generation of quality data management software is now available: MEASURLINK 9

Metrology becomes a key part of the smart factory

Dimensional information is not only integrated into the interconnected factory, but it is a key element to ensure that this immediate and shared information is truly efficient and allows a process improvement.