LEGEX: The most accurate measuring machine on the market MPEE =(0.28 + L/1000) μm

The LEGEX series is the reflection of Mitutoyo’s technological development over 87 years, recognized among high-precision measurement technologies.

Improve the inspection of plastic injection components by industrial tomography

Results provided by X-Ray CT are very useful for injection moulding process in the industry.

INTA trusts Sariki to face its space missions

INTA ha adquirido recientemente un sistema de medición por procesamiento de imágenes Quick Vision Apex 404 pro de Mitutoyo para dar apoyo a sus actividades.

Improve inspection of composite components using computed tomography

Industrial CT scanning technology is the only inspection technique able to characterize in an easy way the overall material structure of a composite component.

Main technologies that allow you the 3D scanning of industrial parts

3D scanning systems give us another perspective, an overview of the parts to analyze and much more information than you could get so far with conventional contact measurement methods.