New Mitutoyo MCOSMOS 5 software platform

MCOSMOS 5, the new advanced metrology platform for coordinate measuring machines, is now available.

Computed tomography improves all stages of the product life cycle

Computed tomography reveals hidden details of parts in a non-destructive way. It is a key technology for more and more industrial sectors. Know the keys!

Sariki signs distribution agreement with Vitronic

We have started a new collaboration with Vitronic and signed a distribution agreement for VIRO WSI solution in the Iberian market, Spain and Portugal.

How does industrial tomography work? 10 frequently asked questions about X-RAY CT.

This article will attempt to answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about industrial computed tomography and its applications.

LEGEX: The most accurate measuring machine on the market MPEE =(0.28 + L/1000) μm

The LEGEX series is the reflection of Mitutoyo’s technological development over 87 years, recognized among high-precision measurement technologies.