Main technologies that allow you the 3D scanning of industrial parts

3D scanning systems give us another perspective, an overview of the parts to analyze and much more information than you could get so far with conventional contact measurement methods.

We explain how the automotive sector is applying computed tomography

Plastic, rubber, aluminum, steel, alloy, composite, … each of these materials can be scanned with X-rays and check the internal geometry of your parts.

X-360: the new Vici Vision machine designed for dental implant and micromechanical manufacturers

Measure the external profile of cylindrical components both statically and dynamically in seconds.

#stayathome campaign: Robotized inspection solution with structured light scanner SK/cell

Today we bring you a fourth project focused on 100% inline measurement, using robots with structured light technology.

#stayathome campaign: Robotized inspection solution with linear laser scanner CMRobot

Following the special #stayathome campaign, today we bring you a third project focused on 100% inline measurement using a robot with linear laser scanner technology.