Sariki signs distribution agreement with Vitronic


Sariki is an official dealer of Vitronic for Spain and Portugal

The automotive industry is a key sector for Sariki, that is why we collaborate regularly with a wide variety of clients facing very different challenges. Collaboration with companies is important because it allows us to closely understand their problems and requirements in terms of quality control. Thanks to this knowledge of the sector, we are able to incorporate cutting-edge technologies that enable our clients to take a qualitative leap in their verification processes.

In this sense, we want to inform you that we have started a new collaboration with Vitronic and signed a distribution agreement for their products in the Iberian market, Spain and Portugal.

Defect-Free Car Bodies thanks to Vitronic's Laser Seam Inspection

Vitronic is a leading provider of machine vision systems for the industry, founded in Germany in 1984. It is a global company, with a distinct family-oriented culture, customer orientation and service.

Sariki will distribute their VIRO WSI technology, specifically designed for the inspection of welding seams in the production of car bodies.

Welding seam inspection reliably detects all welding defects in a car body, both visible and invisible seams. Even the slightest defect is detected immediately after the welding process. This means that corrective actions can be implemented quickly.


Every Inspection Means Process Optimization

VITRONIC uses laser triangulation technology. This allows laser seams and fine brazed seams to be inspected quickly and with high resolution in 3D. Seam detection presents a particular challenge with flat car body seams. VIRO WSI clearly identifies the tiniest geometric and cosmetic deviations.

Inspection range (a selection):

  • porosity
  • weld width
  • seam interruption

The VIRO WSI automated inspection system from VITRONIC stores the results of all seam and component inspections in an integrated database. From this data, you can immediately determine any action that may be required. In addition, your growing database enables you to initiate effective long-term optimizations and implement these on an ongoing basis.

The goal is to ensure efficient processes, reduce costs, and continuously enhance the quality of car body manufacturing.


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Automated laser solution for the inspection of weld seams.

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