Discover Onyx: Kreon’s state-of-the-art measuring arm


Onyx: The ultimate measuring arm for the industry

Innovation in every detail

The Onyx measuring arm represents a leap forward in technology, with a completely new architecture that incorporates exceptional innovations for 3D part inspection. Its exceptional precision and efficient management ensure impeccable quality control in any application or industry.

Cutting-edge design

With high-resolution encoders and carbon fiber components, the new Onyx measuring arm is lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring comfort and reliability in any environment. Its simplified and rigid assembly guarantees precise measurement results even in challenging conditions.

High-performance 3D scanning with Skyline scanners

The Onyx measuring arm, combined with Skyline 3D scanners, offers outstanding performance for 3D scanning. Blue laser technology and HD camera allow scanning a wide variety of surfaces with unparalleled productivity.

Ease of use

The Onyx stands out for its ease of use, with features designed for an optimal user experience. Its EasyClip handle and QuickView touchscreen allow precise control of the measurement process, ensuring uninterrupted operation.


Several innovations stand out:


  1. Battery charging:

8-hour autonomy during probing and 4 hours with the scanner.

Interchangeable batteries without the need to stop the measuring arm.

  1. Arm status:

Verification of arm operability at 100% and detection of possible anomalies.

  1. Ambient temperature:

Control and monitoring of ambient temperature to avoid use outside the normal operating range (10 to 45 °C).

Compensation for part expansion during large temperature variations.

  1. Wifi and Bluetooth:

Wireless connection via Wifi and Bluetooth to facilitate remote arm usage.

Availability and versatility

The Onyx measuring arm is available in 6 and 7-axis versions, adapting to all applications and industrial sectors. Its versatility makes it perfect for use with probing or 3D laser scanner options.


Onyx: The evolution of metrology

With the Onyx measuring arm, Kreon sets a new standard in accuracy and efficiency. It offers the best measurement even in technical parts with tight tolerances, ensuring high production quality.

Moreover, Onyx can be easily installed as close as possible to the application. In the workshop, the measurement laboratory, or even outdoors, the arm adapts to the most extreme environments while maintaining measurement quality.




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