Sariki in 3DMC: Leading the technological revolution of metrology in the Basque Country


During the 26th to the 28th of September, the Basque Country became the epicenter of European metrology by hosting the 3DMC congress, jointly organized by the IDEKO Research Center and Tekniker. This event has established itself as the most relevant summit in the field of metrology at the continental level, bringing together experts, professionals, and technology measurement enthusiasts.

Within the framework of this congress, fundamental topics on cutting-edge technologies were addressed, and valuable experiences were shared. 3DMC stands as a crucial space to delve into the world of dimensional metrology and its latest innovations.

The Metrology Congress in the Basque Country unveils technological advancements

One of the standout participants in the exhibition has been Sariki, showcasing our cutting-edge developments:

Active Thermography


An advancement aimed at identifying internal defects through non-destructive techniques, with the ambition of integrating this technology into manufacturing processes.

Flexible inline inspection solution


Designed to operate at high speed in demanding production environments, SK/inspect is the software that enables dimensional and geometric evaluation of the part.

Congress attendees have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discover these innovations during their visit. For those interested in learning more about Sariki's solutions, we provide the following contact form.

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