Sariki collaborates with a wide variety of companies from various industries to optimize the quality of their production. Below, we show some examples of the success achieved through these collaborations.



David Cruz

Lean Manager & Quality Assurance at Schunk Ibérica

Sariki provides us with very effective metrology solutions. We are delighted with the collaboration and treatment by the entire team (sales, training, support and customer service). The high training, motivation and involvement of the team is remarkable. We will continue counting on you in future projects that arise.


José García Nova

Metrology Technician at Hyperion

In the world of measurement, trust in technology is essential. Sariki has teams that meet our expectations and provide a very important plus with its very efficient Technical-Commercial service. Totally recommended.


Oskar Saez

Quality Manager at MEK mecalbe

During all these years at the head of the Quality Department of Mecalbe, sariki has been the ideal ally, providing imaginative and competitive solutions at a technological and commercial level. Working hand in hand with authentic measurement specialists has brought us a plus in our activity, both at the state level and in our international projects.


Álvaro Rodriguez

Quality-Metrology Dept. in Pierburg

If I had to define Sariki in three concepts they would be: technological competence, closeness and professionalism. Sariki has understood the needs of our market and offers measurement solutions designed for daily use, even in the production area, with a service that meets our needs.


Gorka Marcos

Director of Technology Transfer at Vicomtech

Working with the Sariki team is a guarantee. His commitment to knowledge, the values they share in the organization and his vision of open innovation are very remarkable.


Iñaki Duandikoetxea

Purchasing Manager at Fagor Ederlan

SARIKI has facilitated the incorporation of metrological equipment to our production plants in different countries, guaranteeing the demanding precision specifications of the components we manufacture for the automotive industry.


Valentin Sprecher

General Manager at Industrias Ges

We are really happy with our new Solutionix scanner as it allows us to take another step on the Industry 4.0 path. The scanner enables us to check our products easily and make decisions quicker. It also provides many more features that increase our productivity. The learning curve is impressive. Fantastic!

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