Fixturing systems

Fixturing tools offer optimal positioning of the parts you want to measure, help you optimize inspection times and therefore improve the productivity of your measurement systems. It allows metrology technicians to measure more parts in less time, by eliminating part change times.



Sariki is HORST WITTE's official distributor for Spain and Portugal


Ideal solution to fix your parts: FIXTURING SYSTEMS

These tools are manufactured taking into account the dimensional requirements of the customer's part. We offer the possibility of buying kits from different manufacturers or we can design and manufacture a customized clamping system.

There are different options for the manufacture of fixturing systems:


Fixturing manufactured from a standard modular kit from Komeg or Witte

The fixturing consists of modular parts, and these can be reused for future projects.


Fixturing manufactured by 3D printing

In Sariki we have 3D FDM printing machines with internal personnel trained for their use.


Mechanized fixture

We collaborate with companies that perform the machining of the clamping system.

Get more out of your measuring equipment and improve the profitability of the process


We recommend that you use a part fixturing system in all your measurement processes.




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