3D scanning spray

The use of spray in 3D scanning of parts helps improving the quality and accuracy of the scan as well as save time.


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Ideal solution to scan your parts: ATTBLIME spray

Improving the quality of your scans is possible thanks to sprays specifically designed for use with 3D scanners.

Their use is very simple:

  1. Preparation of the part: The part should be cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, or grease that may interfere with the scanning quality.
  2. Application of the spray: A fine mist of spray is applied to the surface of the part that will be scanned. The type of spray used will depend on the type of surface of the part and the type of scanner being used. For example, a white spray can be used for dark surfaces or a black spray for light surfaces.
  3. Scanning of the part: Once the spray has been applied, the part is scanned with a 3D scanner. The spray helps the scanner capture the structured light or laser line patterns more accurately and produce clearer images.
  4. Post-processing: After scanning the part, the captured data is processed to generate a 3D model. The 3D model can be edited and manipulated in 3D design software to perform measurements, create prototypes, etc.

The use of spray in part scanning offers several benefits:

  • Increases accuracy: The spray applied to the surface of the part can improve image quality and make scanning more precise, which helps to obtain a more accurate representation of the part in 3D.
  • Reduces interference: The spray can also reduce interference that occurs when scanning reflective, shiny, or very dark surfaces, resulting in a clearer image of the part.
  • Saves time: By improving scanning quality and reducing the need for repeated scans, the use of spray can save time in the digitization process.

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