Styli cleaning

StyliCleaner is an automatic solution to remove dust or chips from the probe of Mitutoyo measuring machines.


Sariki is MITUTOYO's official distributor for Spain


Ideal solution for cleaning your probes: STYLICLEANER

It can automatically clean the CMM probes and can also be used as an integral part of a measurement cycle. A combination of compressed air and detergent removes contaminants from the probes in just 20 seconds. For the first 10 seconds, the probe is cleaned with a liquid detergent mixed with air with a nebulizer.

Contaminated CMM measuring probes can cause abnormal measurement results and manual cleaning takes a long time. As a result of using the StyliCleaner system, the efficiency and reliability of your quality assurance will increase dramatically.

StyliCleaner cleans the probes in 5 steps:


The CMM brings the probe closer to the proximity sensor that activates the start of the cleaning cycle


The CMM places the probe on the cleaning unit


The CMM moves the probe up and down through the cleaning unit for 20 seconds


After cleaning with liquid, the probe is cleaned with compressed air


The CMM moves the probe away from the cleaning unit and the part measurement can begin


Suitable for any application that requires accurate measurement.

Technical specifications

It runs with the MCOSMOS software and in versions later than V3.2

Maximum probe length: 20 mm

Maximum probe diameter: 8 mm

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