3D measurement

Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines are available in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes to cover practically all precision 3D measuring applications, with every machine representing an excellent investment in terms of productivity, versatility, quality of construction, training and service support.

Each machine component is designed using the latest CAD techniques to ensure maximum performance and manufactured from materials best suited to the purpose for guaranteed longevity, drawing on the unparalleled technological expertise of a world leader in metrology. A wide range of contact and non-contact probes enables numerous kinds of measurement to be performed, all backed up by comprehensive analysis software for interpreting measurement results in the timely manner so essential for keeping up with today’s fast-paced production.

We also offer all our potential to get the most out of your old machine and convert it into a measuring equipment with the latest developments in probes, software and electronics.

Here, we give you all the information on equipment and services.


CNC Measurement



Multisensor Probes



CMM Upgrades and Retrofits

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Measuring arm


Tripods, bases and supports for measuring arm