100% in process measurement

We propose an integral solution for 100% inspection in the production process of welded and cast components, including side beams, front end modules (FEC, GOR), hatches, axle components, underbody modules and even entire ladder frames.


Sariki is MAPVISION's official distributor for Spain and Portugal

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Technology to measure 100% in production process

You run a complex production process with inherent instability – yet you have a requirement for 100% delivery quality. To run SPC, your processes need to be extensively adjusted to meet the standards of your customer. However, SPC still provides you with limited production data after a significant time delay. Your production quality might look perfect, but it isn’t.

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The access to immediately available, extensive and reliable measurement data will change this

We propose you a new technology, completely digital (without inaccuracies or mechanical failures), multi-camera and able to measure all the characteristics of all the parts in the line within the cycle time.

We are able to measure hundreds of 3D points (x, y, z) in less than 30 seconds and at the same time we perform visual inspection automatically to detect the presence / absence of elements (weldable nuts, weldable bolts, etc ...)

Each measurement point is observed with several cameras. This allows the system to guarantee the accuracy of each measurement by verifying the homogeneity of the images. In addition, we normally guarantee +/- 0.02mm with real production parts.

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Get useful data to improve the quality of the geometry from day one of the preproduction

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Measure each feature of each part

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Use the measurement images to clearly identify the defects

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Perform a 100% automatic final inspection

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Make adjustments whenever you need it

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Control and optimize your process effectively

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Increase the quality of production

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Solve problems in real time with a true knowledge of where the origin is

Integral project adapted to your needs

We offer an integral solution, adapted to your needs. The experience tells us that the collaboration with the client is the basis of success in this type of projects and that is the reason why we work jointly from the beginning, to identify which are the principal requirements and suggest the best solution.

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: project definition, installation, training, programming, user support and technical assistance. Sariki is made up of 60 highly specialized people with more than 35 years of experience in the metrology sector.

We accompany you throughout the project life

Get to know our metrology solutions for 100% in process inspection


Suitable for a wide range of welded, cast and stamped components regardless of the size or complexity of your part.

Case study

Gestamp Group performs the control process of cross car beams and subframes throughout the world with this technology (United Kingdom, Germany, USA, China, Hungary, Spain and Czech Republic). It has 50 facilities to control the process in its production system.


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