Industry 4.0 software

Today companies face a very competitive business environment, where fast decision making has become critical to their success. This decision-making process involves having tools to quickly analyze data from multiple sources in order to gather valuable information. The connected factory is the key to success, where the data generated in the production plant becomes a very valuable asset for any manufacturing environment.


Sariki offers you the ideal solution to cover these needs, a fast and intuitive software so that any worker is able to scan in 3D and analyze the parts produced every day, increasing productivity and improving the performance of your production processes.

Software for statistical process control (SPC)

Family of quality data management software applications, easy to use and based on Windows. It combines real-time data acquisition, online statistical analysis, integrated networks and the exchange of quality information in a comprehensive data management solution.

MiCat Planner

MiCAT Planner is the latest Mitutoyo software development that allows you to program CMM parts quickly and efficiently. The management of MiCAT Planner is easy and intuitive. The programs are done in minutes instead of hours or days with a few clicks of the mouse.


MCOSMOS is Mitutoyo's modular software to measure in coordinate measuring machines. It allows the integration of different applications, which will allow you to improve the efficiency of your CMM and the productivity of your Quality Control functions.