Micat planner

MiCAT Planner is the latest Mitutoyo software development that allows you to program CMM parts quickly and efficiently.

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automatic generation of measurement programs


The management of MiCAT Planner is easy and intuitive. The programs are done in minutes instead of hours or days with a few clicks of the mouse.


Work flow:


Load the CAD model


Select the CMM system configuration


Place the piece by virtual alignment


Define the measurement program


Automatic generation of the part program on MCOSMOS Geopak

To create a measurement plan, you need the GD&T information attached to the CAD model. The CAD model formats «with PMI» will read the GD&T information created and stored in the CAD system. CAD formats without PMI can be annotated with GD&T in MiCAT Planner.

MiCAT planner is compatible with the following CAD:

  • Siemens NX with PMI

  • CATIA V5 with PMI

  • CREO (PRO/E) with PMI


  • ACIS (SAT)

Conventional programming can lead to misinterpretation of the purpose of the design. Complex measurement programs require trajectory optimization to avoid a waste of time. In addition, the work of different programmers can create discrepancies.

The CMM programming software from Mitutoyo MiCAT Planner meets all these requirements. By directly reading the GD&T contained in the PMI data of the CAD file of the part, MiCAT Planner automatically generates the best measurement program without collision considering its measurement rules.


Technical specifications

Identifies the tolerance information included in the 3D models

with product and manufacturing information (PMI), defines measurement locations and creates a measurement program in a fully automatic way

Optimization function

Through its optimization function, the software calculates the shortest route for the measurement with the minimum repositioning of probe and tool change and creates a program that allows measurement in the minimum possible time

Rule editor function

Using the rule editor function you can set the measurement rules and avoid variation in the measurement quality between programs of different programmers

Real CMM configuration

The program acquires the current configuration of your CMM through the MCOSMOS software. All the racks and probes of the machine are represented and considered exactly, as they are

Measurement strategy

One of the main benefits that you get from MiCAT Planner is compliance with the measurement rules that you can establish according to your needs. Depending on the type of function, size or other criteria, you can decide the number of measurement points, their distribution and even the scan speed when appropriate

Automatic or manual CAD information

When using a CAD model that includes PMI data, all the entities and characteristics required to be evaluated are displayed instantaneously and you can start the automatic generation of the program. In case the CAD does not include this information, you can add it through the GD&T option

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