Mcosmos measurement software

MCOSMOS is Mitutoyo's modular software to measure in coordinate measuring machines.

It allows the integration of different applications, which will allow you to improve the efficiency of your CMM and the productivity of your Quality Control functions. It has specific expansion modules dedicated to GEOPAK or for specific applications such as gear measurement, surface analysis, reverse engineering and CAD integration.


Mcosmos offers the following packages:


The basic software package for prismatic parts

Easy programming of geometrical elements by joystick control or input of nominal values.
Special features such as safety height or automatic element recognition help avoid collisions and reduce programming time


The CAD package for free-form surfaces and geometric elements

Why manually enter the parameters when all the functions are already available in the CAD model? CAD-based programming offers you a way to further reduce programming time. The GD&T entities within the CAD file help you measure all the essential characteristics


The whole package

MCOSMOS-3 offers additional tools for the evaluation of measurements of profiles in 2D or in the CAD model

Mcosmos Software for Coordinate Measuring Machines
CNC Manual
Mcosmos-1 Mcosmos-2 Mcosmos-3 Mcosmos-M
  • GEOPAK (Geometry online/offline modules)
  • CAT1000P* (Online/offline programming module)
  • CAT1000S* (3D freeform evaluation module)
  • SCANPAK (Scanning)
  • GEARPAK (Gear Measurement module)




* Requires Scanpak

Technical specifications

Off-line programing

Unique, fast and simple program editor

Integration of text, image, sound and CAD data

Macros for automatic measurement of all geometries

Parametric programming with the use of variable substitution

Support for high-speed nominal scanning (known trajectory) with probes (optional)

User definable dialogs

Reports definable by the user

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