Flexible in process inspection

Ekide Group, a technological solution developer based on artificial vision, and Metrología Sariki, have partnered to offer the market flexible solutions for in-process and high-speed accuracy inspections.

The technology center Vicomtech, an expert in visualization technologies, collaborates in the alliance by contributing their know-how in vision technologies and information processing algorithms.


High-speed in process inspections

Solution's added value:

All the solutions are designed to ensure the inspection’s quality, working continuously in highly demanding production environments.

  • We select the high frequency scanners depending on the accuracy demanded by the application.
  • The solution has an automatic adjustment system that allows to adapt the number and arrangement of the scanners depending on the geometry and dimensions of the parts to be inspected.
  • We can cover all the industrial sector’s needs. We offer the possibility of developing and incorporating new functionalities to the application, in order to meet the specific application needs.

2 different models

We currently offer 2 models (lineal and rotary) that are, at the same time, completely flexible.

SK/inspect software

SK/inspect is the software used to perform the measurements and analyze the results. It is a point cloud-based software, designed for the complete dimensional and geometrical evaluation of the parts.

It has a graphic interface designed to ease the interaction with the operator, and the data analysis is measured directly in-process. Moreover, the measurement data is exported directly to the web platform for the analysis from external stations outside the inspection cell.

  • 3D model reconstruction.
  • Part alignment.
  • Calculation of element and cross-sections.
  • Dimensional and geometric tolerances.
  • Color mapping and deviation labels.
  • Reports and databases.

Related product and services

With this system you can use different softwares depending on your needs and uses. We will always advise you about the most appropriate complement for your company if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask us.


Supply chain of automotive sector's parts, especially for parts with complex geometries, where a high-cadence production is required and the quality inspection of these is essential to guarantee the manufacturing process.

Supply chain of aerospace sector's parts, where high-cadence production is not necessary, but the quiality requirements of the parts involve the need to inspect 100% of the production.


SK/ customed solutions


Inspection time savings

You will be able to inspect 100% of the parts manufactured at high cadence, adjusting to the cycle of production line. You will save time and quality costs. 


Optimized for workshop measurement

You could move your quality control at high speed to the production space without the necessity of advanced training for all the production workers, this way you could simplify the measurement process, which results in a meaningful improvement of your productivity.


Flexible solution

We offer you a flexible integral solution that adapts to all your needs.


Customized solution

Our engineering department could personalize and adapt the in-line inspection solution to your requirements. Tell us which your challenge is and from Sariki we would advise you to identify which one is the best solution for your specific case.

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