Metrology becomes a key part of the smart factory

smart factory

More and more companies are joining the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0, incorporating disruptive technologies into production processes, which give rise to the smart factory, also known as the factory of the future.

Industry digital transformation is the process by which physical and digital elements merge to improve productivity. In short, it is about the application to the industry of the IoT model “Internet of Things”, in this way all physical elements are connected to each other, generating and sharing information. The analysis of this data (Big Data) will allow to identify patterns and interdependencies, find inefficiencies and even predict future events.

Dimensional information is not only integrated into the interconnected factory, but it is a key element to ensure that this immediate and shared information is truly efficient and allows a process improvement.

The future lies in measurement directly in processes

More and more, industrial metrology is integrated into manufacturing processes and measurements are made at each stage of the process, automatically and on a scheduled basis. Where before the metrologist was a key player in making decisions, more and more operators-analysts are required to centrally aggregate the information, analyze it, and translate it into process improvement actions.

Inline metrology has become a control tool that provides reliability and assurance to processes, adjusting to the cycle times set by production.

In this sense, Mitutoyo has developed a new generation of 3D measuring machines that can be located in the production area.

Get to know our production metrology solutions

Máquina tridimensional Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex V 7106

Allows the assurance of the quality of your parts in a precise, flexible and at high speed


Is the new compact measurement solution for production environments


Systems that perform roughness and profile measurement simultaneously in a single sequence.


MACH KoGaMe is the ideal solution for automated cells in workshop environments


MACH V is designed for fast and accurate measurement in the production line


MACH 3A is a horizontal CMM specially designed for measuring in production lines

It has also developed a new SMS (Smart Measuring System) technology, an intelligent measurement system that enables online monitoring of precision measuring instruments. You can view the information of your machine online, as well as the accumulated records. All new generation machines have SMS technology.


Within SMS technology, the MeasurLink application (Statistical Process Control) stands out: It helps to reduce the production of defective parts through the "Visualization of quality". It allows all the measurement systems of a production plant to be interconnected to centralize the information and manage the inspection data of the entire plant from a single access point, offering integrated solutions for the control of the production process, access to all dimensional and traced reports to each reference, facilitating the comprehensive management of the quality of a plant.

At Sariki we implement smart metrology solutions in industrial processes

We have been developing turnkey solutions for more than 15 years. The knowledge and technology that we can offer to our clients offer a fundamental lever to develop specific highly innovative solutions. We offer a consulting service to be able to analyze and define these projects.

Our metrological solutions can be integrated into manufacturing processes, allow process automation, interact with production management systems, guarantee the traceability of processes and allow the analysis of acquired data for the benefit of production.

We can:

  • Integrate peripherals (fixturing tools, keypads, status traffic lights, barriers ... etc.)
  • Connect with robots and other automatic loading/unloading devices.
  • Interact with production management systems, ERP, MES.
  • Offer traced data (barcodes, QR, for its treatment and SPC analysis).
  • Develop custom user interfaces
  • …etc.


If you want more information about our technology and turnkey projects, you can call us at 943848889 or fill out the contact form.

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