MeasurLink is an easy to use quality data application management software family (Windows-based). It combines real-time data acquisition, online statistical analysis, integrated networks and the exchange of quality information in a comprehensive data management solution.

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Data collection and statistical process control in real time


MeasurLink is designed to collect and unite all measurement data in one central data base. Measurement results acquired via CMMs are automatically transferred into a SQL database and directly available for monitoring, analysis or reporting in real-time.

MeasurLink gives you the performance you need through distributed processing. It delivers a safe and organised data warehousing system making quality data available for viewing and analysis by any member of the production, engineering, and managerial staff throughout your company.

Inspection in the factory produces data for analysis, corrective action, and various reporting needs. As the backbone of your quality efforts, MeasurLink is guaranteed to reduce your production costs and increase profits.

It has different modules:


You can connect and acquire data from any measurement device. It is compatible with the full range of metrology technology, including gauges, micrometers, three-dimensional machines, vision systems and more. Select the edition that fits the device and your needs.

Process Analyzer

MeasurLink gives you the flexibility to analyze your processes, identify problem areas and take corrective measures to improve the quality of your product. Inspection runs can be sorted by Inspection Station, Routine or Part, and are displayed in the Windows Explorer appearance. The inspection data can be combined, filtered, grouped, put into a graph and printed in the way you want.

Process Manager

Monitor the data in real time as it is collected. It provides the production manager the perfect tool to organize and maintain a quality program throughout the plant at a glance.

Gage R&R

It determines the repeatability and reproducibility, linearity, gaps and stability of inspection systems, which allows to isolate measurement problems.

Gage Management

The management of measuring equipments is essential to monitor the calibration history of each one. Periodic adjustments may be required to bring a device to the specification.



MeasurLink is oriented to cover the needs of any industrial sector in which measurement equipment is used for production control. Especially for manufacturing environments and for processes where it is required to manage data of the state of your parts in real time to help in making decisions.

Technical specifications


Database management system (DBMS)

MeasurLink 8 is shipped with a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition SP1, for independent installation or workgroup. MeasurLink 8 also supports:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Operating system

All MeasurLink 8 products are compatible with the following versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system:

  • All versions of Windows 7
  • All versions of Windows 8
  • 32 bit and 64 bit compatible

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