Metrology and the future of the electric vehicle


Electrification of the automotive sector promises to revolutionize the industry due to its (almost) zero emissions and the absence of noise, in line with the needs of the energy transition and new mobility models around the planet.

Sales of electric vehicles have increased significantly in the last year. The most optimistic forecasts predict that in just seven years between 40 and 70 million electric cars will circulate in the world.

At Sariki we have the capacity and responsibility to help manufacturers in the automotive sector in their challenge of developing and producing electric vehicles.

We offer the industry an integrated approach, to improve, streamline and simplify the development of electric vehicles and hybrid transition technologies.

Next, we detail some of the multiple applications that we can cover with our measurement technologies.

Power control unit (PCU)

  • IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)
    • Various dimensions of power modules
    • Various dimensions of semiconductor circuitry
    • Soldered part crack inspection
    • Bonding wire height
  • Inverter housing
    • Various aluminum cabinet dimensions and surface texture


  • Motor core

    • Unlaminated pressed-part dimension measurement
    • Laminated part dimension, various geometric tolerance measurement
    • Rotational axis runout
  • Commutator
    • Peripheral adjacent gap
  • Housing
    • Bearing coaxiality
  • Coil
    • Outside diameter
    • post-wound form check


  • Lithium-ion battery
    • Dimensional and surface measurement of the cover part
    • Dimensional and surface measurement of the battery case
    • Separator thickness and width measurement
    • Observation of presence or absence of contamination
  • Hydrogen / oxygen fuel-cell separator
    • Molded part dimensional measurement and form measurement.
    • Molded part thickness measurement
    • Mold contour measurement

Battery charger

  • In-vehicle battery charger
    • Various dimensions of the aluminum cabinet
    • Various dimensions of pressed parts
    • Squareness and roughness of the connector pin
  • Quick charger
    • Various socket dimensions
    • Terminal surface texture
    • Various panel dimensions

Composite parts


The manufacture of thermoplastic composite parts as substitutes for metals, will allow the design of more aerodynamic, lighter and with greater energy efficiency cars. There has been an exponential growth of polymeric composites as their lightness and resistance offers great interest in the development of electric vehicles.

From Sariki we offer our know-how to manufacturers to help them inspect their parts during the production process.

Improve inspection of composite components using computed tomography

These are some of the technologies that may interest you:


Different sizes and precisions


Manual or with motorized table


Roughness, contour and roundness


Laser scanner and structured light


Different powers and inspection volumes

At Sariki we are prepared to accompany you in this exciting challenge. Count on us. Ask us for more information by filling the form below.

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