Aerospace industry

The aerospace sector is undergoing a period of transformation. The growing need for more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation is driving investments in advanced technologies, while digitalization is revolutionizing the way we design and manufacture aircraft.

At Sariki, we are committed to facilitating this transition towards a more efficient and safer future.

  1. Sustainable Propulsion: The aerospace industry is seeking to reduce its environmental footprint. Electrification and the use of green hydrogen are key areas. Accurate measurement of propulsion system components is essential to ensure their efficiency and safety. From turbines to exhaust systems, every part must meet strict tolerances.
  2. Advanced Lightweight Materials: Modern aircraft aim to reduce weight without compromising strength. Composite materials and advanced alloys are essential. Measurement of composite materials, joint inspection, and geometry verification are crucial to maintain structural integrity without adding unnecessary weight.
  3. Efficient and Safe Maintenance: Aircraft maintenance and repair must be performed with precision to ensure safety and minimize downtime. Metrology is applied in the inspection of worn components, part alignment, and tolerance verification. This helps keep aircraft in optimal condition.
  4. Certification and Regulatory Compliance: Aviation regulations are stringent. Aircraft must meet strict standards to obtain certification. Metrology provides objective evidence that aircraft meet regulatory requirements. Precise measurements support the documentation necessary for certification.

In this section, we present how Sariki addresses these challenges through innovative solutions and customized services. From coordinate measuring systems (CMM) to 3D laser scanners and optical measurement systems, we offer a complete range of solutions to meet the demands of the sector.

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