Sariki is currently participating in 5 projects and is part of the ITP working group within the CFAA.

Tecnology: Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S
Sector: Aeronautics

Sariki participates in the FUTURALVE project, funded by the CDTI within the 2015 CIEN call. It is a collaborative project of the CFAA led by ITP to create new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies for the new generation of high-speed turbines.

And in the ESCALITURB project, call Hazitek 2016 of the Basque Government. Its objective is to perform inter turbine hot structures reliably and in high production for aeronautical engines.

In addition to 3 projects in collaboration with ITP for the development of new LPT and IBRs inspection strategies using 5-axis contact technology and laser scanning.

The CFAA is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a metrology room with two Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines, one for contact measurement and another for contactless measurement, and the integration of a Solutionix scanner for non-contact inspection in GETTING ROBOTICA’s automatic robotic cell for deburring, machining and polishing.


It is the largest of the two and features the fast REVO contact probe from Renishaw with 5-axis. This probe allows to follow a continuous path around complex geometry components.


Smaller machine that includes a scan probe and laser scanner for digital non-contact measurement.


Zamudio Bizkaia 02-11-2017 Workers with machinery in the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center in Building 202 of the Bizkaia Technology Park in Zamudio © MITXI UPV / EHU

Getting Robótica

Automatic Robotized cell for deburring, machining and polishing. GETTING ROBOTICA

Getting Robotica

Integration of scanner in GETTING ROBOTICA’s automated robotized cell