Trust Precision Engineering

TRUST PRECISION ENGINEERING opts for the optical inspection of aerospace precision components.

Tecnology: Vici Vision Techno series
Sector: Aeronautics

VICI VISION UK has interviewed Nick Street, director of Trust Precision Engineering.

In the following video Nick tells us about the benefit of VICIVISION’s optical inspection technology in his business.

Nick founded the business in 2012 to produce precision components and work predominantly in aerospace.

“The volume of components we were producing meant we were struggling to keep up with the amount of inspections we would like to have done. Non-conforming components were becoming too frequent. There was an obvious need for extra equipment.

The addition of VICIVISION means everything is checked – there’s nothing left to chance. The machine specifications are impressive, the speed and the ease of programming and the actual inspection times are very quick – it covers everything.”

“Our slogan is ‘reputation is everything’ and in this market reputation really is everything. The parts that you supply must be correct. At the tolerances we work to I need perfection.”

“What I’ve seen over the years is you can get so focused on a particular critical dimension or area of a component that sometimes something less critical goes under the radar and ends up being wrong, whereas with VICIVISION you check everything externally and nothing gets missed.”

“From a traceability point of view, every time you load a component and run an inspection you can save all of the images in a history file. So, in three months’ time, if someone came back to me and said ‘we’ve found an issue with that component’ I can pull up the images from an order number and literally measure them again.”

The guys at VICIVISION have a high level of expertise. Whenever we’ve had any problem or difficulty on a component we’re trying to measure, they’ve put us straight within the day.

After a year we moved our old VICIVISION out and bought two brand new ones to go into the new inspection room. They really are fantastic pieces of equipment. It’s one less thing for me to worry about and gives me complete confidence in what we’re doing.”