Héroux-Devtek Spain

Mitutoyo's QS-L technology takes high fly thanks to HÉROUX-DEVTEK SPAIN.

Technology: Mitutoyo Quick Scope
Sector: Aeronautics


Héroux-Devtek Spain is an international company specialized in the design, development, manufacture, repair and overhaul of landing gears, actuation systems and components for the aerospace market.

Industrial safety is a key aspect in the development and certification of aeronautical equipment and for this, they use the most advanced technological level. They work with a wide variety of aeronautical products, which requires multiple validations by the quality team.

Within the quality department, they used several complementary vision systems. This situation, although it did not directly affect quality levels, it did affect productivity, which suffered as it required longer measurement times.

Sariki participated in the supplier selection process with which they would invest in a new vision measurement equipment.


Main features:

  • 400x200 mm measuring table.
  • CNC Z axis with autofocus.
  • Programmable 8X Power-zoom.
  • Optical and digital zoom.
  • High resolution CCD color camera.
  • Table, coaxial and luminous ring lighting.
  • One Click Tool technology for optimal edge detection.
  • Scanpak software to analyze 2D profiles.

The BOEING company has awarded Héroux-Devtek Spain a contract to manufacture actuation components for several of its commercial platforms.

The scope of the contract includes the production and maintenance of hydraulic actuators for the landing gear systems for the 787, 777, 777X and B767 aircraft (in freighter and “Tanker” versions) and for spare parts for the legendary B747.

This is the largest actuator supply agreement made by the Héroux-Devtek Spain group since the Canadian group acquired the Compañía Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos SAU (“CESA”) in October 2018.

Mitutoyo's QS-L vision measuring machine is being used in the industrialization of new parts and inspection of first articles of the landing gear actuation systems of this large project. These are parts of great complexity and cost. It is in this process that they get the most out of the equipment since they have a great variety of parts, which require a great variety of geometric characteristics to be measured. Thanks to the QS-L equipment, they carry out the verification with greater precision and speed and this means a significant cost saving. The equipment is also used sporadically in repair processes.

The quality department has 4 verifiers who received training and who use the QS-L equipment on a regular basis.