AM-DESK automated 3D measurement station

AM-DESK (AutoMeasure-DESK) is an automated 3D measurement station consisting of an intelligent control system, multiple servo-mechanists, a safety system, a motion control system, measurement and analysis software, and SPC batch analysis software.

SCANTECH's metrology laboratory comply with ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


Sariki is SCANTECH'S MASTER RESELLER for Spain and Portugal


Ideal 3D scanning solution: AM-DESK

Robust Performance

AM-DESK is the trusted 3D measurement station for various tasks whether in lab or on the shop floor. It enables fast and automated inspections for parts ranging from casting parts, plastic parts to stamping parts within 100 kilograms.

Once the measurements are completed, the station can generate inspection reports automatically by comparing actual 3D coordinates and CAD data, significantly enhancing efficiency.

Easy Programming & Automated Calibration

Engineered with PLC and servo-mechanists system, the station can achieve programmable and automated measurement when paired with multiple collaborative robots. At the click of a button, it can conduct complex measurement tasks per preset measuring paths. Engineers and operators with different levels of expertise and programming skills can operate it with ease.

When used in an unstable environment for high-intensity operations, instruments need to be calibrated to ensure high-precision measurement results. The station can automatically calibrate its sensor after a scanning session or when the temperature changes to ensure uninterruptible measurements.

Safety Guard

The station is CE marked, meeting EU’s safety, health, and environmental requirements. It adopts highly safe methods, including serial arrangement for emergency stop, a buzzer to indicate potential dangers with lights and sounds, and controllable force distance with servo-mechanists to ensure safe operations.

When paired with cobots, it supports 10-grade collision detection and sensor safety detection to stop the robot from operating due to abnormal or potential dangers.

Diverse Accessories to Choose From

The automated measurement station weighs 75 kg with a footprint of 1 square meter. This compact station can be installed within 5 minutes with 110-220 V mains electricity. When mounted on a mobile trolley, it can be moved around for quick installation. Additionally, it can work in unison with plug-and-play positioners to expand the workspace. The station can switch measurement paths instantly, thus accelerating measurements. It can also work with different cobots.



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Turnkey Solution

Quick Installation

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Easy Programming

Automated Calibration

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Safety Guard

Related products and services

With this system you can use different softwares depending on your needs and uses. We will always advise you about the most appropriate complement for your company if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask us.


You can use the AM-DESK 3D measuring station for quality control, product development, reverse engineering, etc., in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, rail transport and mold.

Quality control

Compare your measurements with the nominal CAD of the part and create a 3D color mapping with the errors


Identify and find solutions to any structural and functional defect by modeling the system or product in a virtual environment

Reverse engineering

Perform reverse engineering from the obtained point cloud (free form geometry and surfaces) and transform it into a native CAD model

3D printing

Manufacture detailed parts in various materials with perfect data integration with any 3D printer

Technical specifications

3D Scanner AM-DESK automated 3D measurement station
Dimension 1200x600x177 mm
Turntable Payload 140 Kg
Turntable Repeatability 0.05°
Turntable Accuracy 0.1°
Max Rotational Speed of Turntable 50°/ s
Communication Interface TCP/IP
Robot Supported UR / UR5 AUBO / i5; i7

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