Metrolog X4 software

Metrolog X4 is the Metrologic group measuring software platform that can be used with different hardwares on the market: portable arm, scanners, fixed coordinate measuring machines, robot with measurement applications, laser tracker ... etc.


Maximum performance in the analysis of large data set (CAD, point clouds ...)

Metrolog X4 has been designed primarily to process and analyse the largest and most dense point clouds. Metrolog X4 not only integrates the latest technology in optical measurement but also the necessary functions to ensure that you have the best tool whatever your measuring device.

  • Cloud comparison with CAD (Color Mapping).
  • Element extraction and automated GD&T.
  • Intuitive treatment of Flush and Gap.
  • Measurement with compensation for material thickness.
  • Part quality estimation according to the surface mm² (Area calculation).

An improved interface for intuitive use

  • User-friendly graphical interface and fully customisable to suit the needs of the operator, the machine types and measurement types.
  • New manual probing wizard.
  • Automatic view orientation during acquisition.
  • Multiple information windows (position and results).
  • Software readily available in18 languages switchable on the fly.

Powerful Report Editor

  • Use its powerful report editor that will allow you an easy and complete customization.
  • Create your own reports tailored to customer requirements.
  • Customize any type of output: report assistant, report editor, direct data export, etc.
  • Export multiple standard formats such as .XLS, .CSV, .PDF ...


mapvision beneficios

Perform geometric measurements with geometric tolerances

mapvision beneficios

Import and manipulate large CAD files and perform a complete measurement program

mapvision beneficios

Import or acquire large point clouds using 64-bits

mapvision beneficios

Make customizable reports


The Metrolog X4 software will allow you to perform 3D measurements on parts of the automotive and aeronautical sector.


Compare your measurements with the nominal CAD of the part and create a 3D color mapping with the errors


Inspect geometric entities


Share your inspection results

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