Maximum precision in automatic verification and position adjustment of electronic elements by image processing.

Tecnology: QV-APEX302
Sector: Aeronautics


SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A., is an engineering, construction and system integration company whose main objective is to provide society and its customers with the most technologically efficient solutions. Recently it has acquired a Mitutoyo QV-APEX302 for automatic verification and adjustment of positioning of electronic elements for its Vizcaya plant.

SENER Ingeniería has the necessary tool for the verification, adjustment and certification of the position of the electronic components by means of a specific adjustment device designed for this purpose. It is essential to know the real positioning error (with deviation of microns) to be able to guarantee the exact positioning of the component and correct the error, and thus guarantee the perfect positioning of the same.

For this purpose, SENER has built a Class 100 White Room, to be able to work with the extraordinary precision specifications of the system: We are talking about an accuracy of (1.5 3L / 1000) microns for each axis.