Sariki signs distribution agreement with Canadian manufacturer POLYRIX for Spain and Portugal


Our desire to offer the market advanced technologies that allow us to impact on improving the quality control of processes, forces us to carry out a powerful technological surveillance.

In this context we have started a new collaboration with the company POLYRIX, which develops and markets surround structured light 3D scanners oriented to the scanning of large parts.

POLYRIX was founded in 2005 by researchers from the Computer Vision and System Laboratory of Laval University, in Quebec City, Canada. Based on the knowledge gained in doing cutting edge research in 3D, they identified a need to develop fast and simple 3D scanners that could provide inspection in a disruptive way.

PolyScan™ is the brand name of structured light scanners developed to scan large objects (up to 6,500mm). Its surround design with motionless hardware allows accuracy inspections. In addition, its unique calibration avoids the need for data alignment or sticker targets and multiple baselines increase accuracy when measuring points.

PolyScan™ is fully scalable. Polyrix has built its core software to handle an arbitrary number of scanning units placed at arbitrary (but then precisely calibrated) positions. This allows us to customize the scanner for any particular need, as well as integrate it into any process. Polyscan operation is made easy by the Automation Manager simple interface, or 3rd party software plug-ins (e.g. PolyWorks|Inspector Plug-in).

Typical applications

Quality control

Compare your measurements with the nominal CAD of the part and create a 3D color mapping with the errors. The color mapping is superimposed on the part for a better visualization of the deviations.

Quick Check

Get a quick check, Go/No-Go, of your part in a matter of minutes


Identify and find solutions to any structural and functional defect by modeling the system or product in a virtual environment

Reverse engineering

Perform reverse engineering from the obtained point cloud (free form geometry and surfaces) and transform it into a native CAD model

Turnkey projects


Whether you want to use PolyScan for fully automated in-process inspection or have a custom scanner configuration tailored to a particular way, our team of experts will help you through customization. We collaborate with you from the conception of the idea and definition of project conditions, prior acceptance, installation in your company, user training and technical assistance and support throughout the life of the project.

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PolyScan™ surround 3D scanner scan large scale objects up to 6500mm. Scanning is fully automated and can be easily integrated in process.

If you need advice or want more information about Polyscan scanners, you can fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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