Sariki joins the commitment to the circular economy


Sariki has participated in the Basque Circular Summit 2022 event, organized by Ihobe, Public Society for Environmental Management of the Basque Government and with the collaboration of Grupo SPRI.  From 23 to 25 November, the Basque Country has become a European reference in the field of circular economy,  in its application in the industrial companies.

The event has had the ZIRKULARRAK exhibition, the largest European exhibition of circular products. It has shown 175 eco-designed products manufactured in the Basque Country, in which it has been possible to significantly reduce their environmental impact thanks to the application of ecodesign and circular economy methodologies with a life cycle approach (from the extraction of raw materials to their end of life).


From Sariki we wanted to collaborate in the important challenge of the circular economy and we have participated in the exhibition area sharing a very important project, in the field of eco-innovative industrial projects.

Retrofit of coordinate measuring machines

It is a service that Sariki is already commercializing in the market and consists of the remanufacturing of coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

The technological updating of industrial equipment, especially metrological equipment, is a necessity for the entry into industry 4.0 and the improvement of the competitiveness of companies. In Sariki we have developed the ability to analyze the equipment of any manufacturing company and adapt it (retrofit) to the latest inspection needs, for a fraction of the cost of acquiring new equipment.

Circular economy reference

The coordinate measuring machine retrofit service is aimed at machines of any size and age, and we adapt them to the latest technologies (5-axis heads or laser scanner).

It avoids the manufacture of granites and columns of high weight (up to 10 tons), updating the capabilities of equipment of more than 30 years to current technologies.

Environmental improvements

  • The useful life of the product is doubled, achieving up to 60 years of duration.
  • 100% of the cast steel and concrete used in the product is maintained.
  • The machine does not require a new civil work for its implementation.

The project has allowed the increase of the effective use of this equipment and, especially, a reduction in the manufacturing needs of massive structural elements, reducing the environmental impact of these equipment when they reach the end of their useful life.

If you are interested in applying eco-responsibility in your company and want more information about the retrofit service, follow the link.

CMM Upgrades and Retrofits

Convert your old CMM to the new digital era and give a step forward into the world of industry 4.0 it was never so simple.

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