POLYRIX opens its first demonstration center in Europe

POLYRIX, manufacturer of innovative measurement solutions for manufacturing, has announced its expansion by offering its products in Europe.

POLYRIX was founded in 2005 by researchers at the Computer Vision and System Laboratory at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. Thanks to their investigation, they identified the need of developing a fast and easy to operate 3D scanner. Nowadays, their customers include companies such as Boeing, Bosch-Rexroth and Stellantis.


POLYRIX scanners offer numerous decisive advantages thanks to their structured light technology.

These machines are the ideal solution for non-contact 3D scanning of large parts.

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Low maintenance costs.

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Fast return of the investment.

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Minimal accessories.

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Data acquisition is three or four times faster compared to manual and robotic scanners.

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No complex software programs.

In Sariki we are official distributors of POLYRIX solutions for Spain and Portugal.

POLYRIX measurement solutions allow companies to automate 3D inspection processes in a simple and efficient way. PolyScan 3D scanners are available in different sizes and configurations, and they offer a full part coverage with a single scan.

Typical applications for this 3D measurement systems are, above all, dimensional inspection, in-process quality assurance and the inspection of components, tools and models. For these tasks, the PolyScan scanner meets the requirements for a fast, simple and reliable scanning.

Do you need more information? Access the technical specifications of the PolyScan structured light 3D scanner.


Meet our solutions for large size parts.

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