MEASURLINK 9: Statistical process control in real time


MeasurLink is a modular data management software system that enables you to collect data from a wide range of Mitutoyo measuring tools and systems, including calipers, dial gauges, sensors, coordinate measuring machines, and vision machines.

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The next generation of quality data management software is now available: MEASURLINK 9

The upgrade to version 9 from 7 or 8 is simple. The most prominent new functions involve enhanced data collection.

  • Real-Time can automatically identify characteristics during data collection based on incoming data and outlier ranges.
  • The Dynamic Data function displays measurements from a source that sends data at high sampling rates, while providing a mechanism for discrete measurement recording.
  • DAQ sources can be configured with MTConnect agents to collect data from MTConnect enabled devices.
  • What-If Analysis function has been introduced to Process Analyzer. Run hypothetical scenarios including tolerance changes, additional data tests on historical data, and derived characteristics.
  • In Gage Management, the history of calibration results for a particular gage can be compared graphically with a calibration comparison chart.
  • An Import function has been added to allow gage information to be taken from an Excel sheet and loaded directly into the system. Added the ability to manage Gage Models into a model library to allow for easy creation of commonly owned gages.

Updates included on the MeasurLink 9 release include:

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Supports Windows users and allows single sign-on ideal for teams, groups and companies.

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Run hypothetical “what-if” scenarios in Process Analyzer.

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Displays dynamic data from a data source in high sampling rates.

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Uncertainty Chart provides a visual representation of how the gage performance affects measurement.

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Copy/paste Gage R&R Data.

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Improved Gage Management by importing information from an external source.

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Automatically identify characteristics during data collection based on tolerancing.

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Better traceability to ensure proper data recording for serial numbers.

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Ability to import calibration data in Gage Management.

Discover the full potential of MEASURLINK 9


It combines real-time data acquisition, online statistical analysis, integrated networks and the exchange of quality information in a comprehensive data management solution.

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