Sariki turns 35 years working with the customer as a key to improvement and evolution


Digitization, servitization and internationalization, Sariki's challenges

We just turned 35! Since the beginning in 1985 we have characterized ourselves as a family business committed to technical specialization and closeness to the customer. We have developed company values that have clearly helped us to differentiate ourselves and adapt throughout these years.


Our 3 great pillars have made it possible: Our team, customers and suppliers.

We are currently 59 employees, we have an annual turnover of around ten million euros and we have offices in Elgoibar, Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo. 85% -90% of our market is national, although this situation could change, as our general manager Borja Garate comments: “Sariki's strategy includes internationalization as a focus, because the solutions we are developing give us a chance to cross borders that until now we could not by contractual agreements ”.

Despite being a diversified company and having a presence in several sectors, one of our main customer is the automotive industry, which, unfortunately, is not going through its best moment, among other issues due to covid-19.

We are partners of the Hegan aerospace cluster due to the importance of this sector in our turnover, and we work for industrial companies of different activities, such as the health and food sectors.

New projects

At the moment, we are developing two key projects. One of them, which we hope to materialize soon, is in collaboration with Vicomtech technology center and Ekide company and consists of new solutions to address the new challenges of automotive factories. The other, "is internal", since we are about to start a strategic thinking with IE Team and Digitalentu, which will mark "a before and after" in Sariki and which focuses on digitization, efficiency and products and services of high added value for our customers.

We also want to create new products to add to our proprietary solutions catalog, which already includes 'SK/inspect' (software for point cloud analysis), 'SK/cell' (robotic structured light solution), 'SK/weld' (welding seam solution) or 'SK/dent' (integrates scanners and CMM for the dental world), to which must be added the catalog of international suppliers.

In recent years, Sariki has not stopped investing in R&D and we have been very active in this area, completing eight projects between 2019 and 2020 with the collaboration of the SPRI Group, the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and the CDTI. In addition, we have started six new ones, adding Ihobe to the list of public administrations that support this strategy.

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