Sariki develops SK/Solutions line designed to cover industry 4.0 needs


Sariki has committed to develop and implement in an industrial environment own metrology solutions. This is a business model change that in the last year has involved the incorporation of more than 10 people to its workforce in order to develop, structure and bring this new proposal of added value to the market.

All SK/solutions aim to solve complex challenges not yet covered in the automotive and aeronautical sector, and they have been developed in an open way so that they can be adapted to the specific needs of each company. As a difference, highlight that they are metrological solutions that allow the integration into manufacturing processes, the automation of processes, interact with production management systems, guarantee the traceability of processes and allow the analysis of acquired data for the benefit of production.

Turnkey projects have been increasing their weight in the last 3 years to reach currently 23% of turnover. This result is accompanied by a continious investment in R&D (average value of 9% of turnover during the last 3 years), where collaboration with technology centers and other companies are being key to develop our SK/Solutions business line. Being able to face innovative technological projects with clients is helping us to grow in a stable way and having our own product is allowing us to develop our worldwide strategy.


SK/inspect is a software developed for the management and analysis of point clouds at high speed for manufacturing environment. SK/cell is a robotic system for high speed non-contact inspection on large components. SK/weld is an advanced platform for high speed welding inspection using artificial vision.

SK/Solutions focuses on the automation of production control, where having real-time data to optimize the process allow to get one of the key objectives such as zero defect manufacturing.

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