Sariki designs and manufactures custom fixtures to improve the productivity of your inspection process


Sariki’s measurement services area has highly qualified personnel to offer you this personalized service, suited to your measurement needs.

Fixtures allow to optimize the inspection time and therefore improve the productivity of the measurement systems. It allows metrology technicians to measure more parts in less time, by eliminating part change times.

These clamping systems are manufactured considering the dimensional requirements of the customer’s part. In a first phase Sariki performs the design of the fixture and then manufactures it.

There are different options for the manufacture of the fixturing system:

  • Fixture manufactured from a standard Komeg or Witte modular kit. The fixture is composed of modular pieces, and these can be reused for future projects.
  • Fixture manufactured by 3D printing. In Sariki we have 3D FDM printing machines with internal personnel trained to use them.
  • Machining fixture. We collaborate with companies that perform the machining of the tool.

We show you some of the fixtures we have manufactured:

Get more out of your measuring equipment and improve the profitability of the process. Call us and we will advise you without any commitment.

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