Quick Launcher: the new functionality of the MCOSMOS software


Make the measurement time of reoccurring parts go from minutes to just seconds!

A great addition to any Mitutoyo CNC CMM

Quick Launcher is a free software that comes with Mitutoyo's standard coordinate measuring machine MCOSMOS software. It is now equipped with a simple measurement menu for a short and efficient measurement. The operator can perform measurements easily and quickly with minimal knowledge.

This new functionality allows you to launch a measurement program easily from a touch screen.

In the conventional way, after placing the part in the machine, the alignment is carried out manually, which means approximately 1 minute and the option of repeating the program is selected.

Using Quick Launcher, just place the part on the pallet receiver and launch the program by selecting it from the touch screen. In 5 seconds your machine is operational to continue measuring.

QuickLauncher is used in combination with the Mitutoyo pallet receiver system and is available as a standard software tool in the MCOSMOS software package from version V4.2.


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