NEW FORMTRACER AVANT SERIES: accuracy, speed and versatility


With the new FORMTRACER AVANT series, Mitutoyo has revolutionized the world of 2D profile measurement and surface roughness, thanks to a technology that allows to produce much faster and more precise equipment than its predecessors with a very notable advantage above of the others:

Possibility of retrofit from one technology to another simply by implementing the specific hardware.

Thus, starting with an AVANT series roughness or contour system, you can have a DUAL unit with a small investment that will allow you to enjoy 100% of the benefits of both systems.


The new AVANT series combines its excellent mechanical characteristics

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Measurement Capability

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mapvision beneficios

Straightness of the axes

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mapvision beneficios

Measurement accuracy

with a new version of the FORMTRACEPAK software that has incorporated a series of very important improvements, such as the dynamic calculation of radius values, angles, etc. (without forgetting the options for joining profiles and automatic comparison against CAD models).

Finally, it should be noted that the AVANT series equipment is prepared to connect with all kinds of peripherals (security systems, automatic loading, turning and/or displacement tables ...) so that it is possible to integrate them into a cell or workstation fully automated.


Formtracer Avant is available in different options:

  • X-axis measurement up to 200 mm
  • Columns up to 700 mm
  • Dual measurement (up and down in the same cycle)
  • Roughness, Contour or DUAL (a single device with two heads).

Formtracer Avant series

Mitutoyo has a very wide range of roughness-contour systems. You can choose between single or combined sensor systems, depending on your application needs.

Contact us and we will advise you without any commitment. Tell us what your measurement and integration needs are and we will help you choose the most appropriate system.

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