New 6-axis version of Ace+ and Ace arms

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All the 6-axis Kreon measuring arms are evolving to provide greater accuracy and improved ergonomics.

Launched at the beginning of 2020 with a 7-axis version, the ACE+ arm offers the maximum performance of all Kreon measuring arms and is now available in a 6-axis version for unparalleled performance.


The new generation of 6-axis ACE+ arms offers up to 25% higher accuracy than the 6-axis ACE arms

These improvements to the capabilities of the 6-axis ACE+ arms, to enable them to measure parts with smaller tolerance intervals, opens up new possibilities. In fact, 3D measurements that previously were only possible with CMMs can now be conducted using measuring arms.

Certain checks carried out during production as close as possible to the part were simply not possible beforehand. Consistent process quality and the time saved also ensure a markedly better return on investment in equipment.

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The freedom of movement of the sixth axis of the 6-axis ACE arm has increased 30% to a range of 328°, together with improved ergonomics

The 6-axis version of the Ace and Ace+ arms offer a new ergonomic experience. With a stylus configuration, the end of the arm can now reach and measure more easily parts that are difficult to access (rabbets, the underside of tools or chassis, etc.). As in the previous version, the probe buttons are ideally placed and their shape has been designed for intuitive use, without having to look at them.

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A 3D measuring solution that combines productivity and flexibility.

In addition, the speed of measurement, perfect manoeuvrability and more effective software integration in ACE measuring arms multiply their productivity tenfold. The dexterity and flexibility offered by this best response to the market ensure ease of use for the operator who can now work efficiently for long periods without tiring.

The 6-axis ACE measuring arms demonstrate great flexibility. As mobile units, they can be used equally well in the R&D design department, in the workshop or in a metrology room. Compatible with the Kreon scanners of the Zephyr and Solano ranges, they are not limited to probing but can be used for equally well for scanning as well.

Measurement accuracy guaranteed by ISO-standard calibration.

All ACE arms comply with the ISO 10360-12 standard specifically for measuring arms. This means greater accuracy, more reliable results for all types of measurements as well as improved repeatability. In addition, ACE+ arms use an advanced calibration method to deliver a high level of precision.

For more information, go to the product sheet. The new catalog is available for download.

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The Kreon Ace & Ace+ measuring arm is a three-dimensional machine specially designed to offer portability and flexibility to your measurement tasks. It allows you to act directly in the manufacturing environment, where process improvements are most beneficial.

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