Metrología Sariki is member of the Advanced Aeronautics Manufacturing Center – CFAA


Last Thursday, March 9th, the General Assembly of the Business Group linked to the Center took place in the CFAA. An assembly in which, among other topics, the incorporation of new members was approved. The meeting took place in the Plácido Rodal meeting room, which was responsible for ITP’s Manufacturing Technologies, which exposed the idea of creating a CFAA, and promoted it in the early years.

The Association (officially called Business Group for the Development of Techniques of Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing – AEDTFAA) aims to collaborate in the research and development of advanced manufacturing technologies, as well as in the subsequent transfer of results of R&D of the own Industrial agents through the implementation of concrete projects using the CFAA facilities.

The CFAA is a mixed center attached to the UPV / EHU, constituted by this Business Group, together with the UPV / EHU, the Basque Business Development Agency (SPRI Group), the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia, whose official opening is expected to take place in the near future.

The Assembly approved the incorporation as full members of the Association to Ekin SCoop, Getting Robotika S.L., Fresmak S.A. And Workshops Wolko S.L.U .; As limited members to Haimer Spain S.L., Jaz Zubiarte S.A., Walter Tools Ibérica S.A.U., Zoller Ibérica S.L., Alicona Imaging GmbH, Emige-Franken S.L., Mersen Ibérica, Metal Stalki S.L., Mitsubishi Materials Spain S.A.U. And Green Leaf Europe BV; And, as a collaborating partner, the Institute of Machine Tool-IMH.

In this way, the current composition of the members of the Association is:

  • Main members: Turbo Industry Propellers-ITP and DanobatGroup.
  • Full members (machinery manufacturers): Ibarmia Innovatek, Ona EDM, Renishaw Ibérica, Sariki Metrology, Getting Robotika, GMTK Multi-process Machining, Trimek and Ekin.
  • Full members (component manufacturers): Wallair Engine Components-Wec, Marine Metallurgy, Alpha Precision Casting, Mesima Bilbao, Mizar Additive Manufacturing, Praxair Spain, Fresmak and Wolko Workshops.
  • Limited members (contribution in kind): Houghton, LAIP, Kendu, Sikulan, Neurtek, Workshops of Guernica and SOC-e, Haimer, Jaz Zubiarte, Walter Tools, Zoller Ibérica, Zoller Ibérica, Alicona, Emuge-Franken, Mersen Ibérica, Metal Stalki, Mitsubishi Materials Spain and Green Leaf-Europe.
  • Partners: AFM Cluster, Hegan-Basque Aerospace Cluster, IMH-Machine Tool Institute and Siemens.

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