Measurement services with measuring arm


Our measurement services area SARIKI PRECISION CENTER has the most innovative measurement technologies to meet any dimensional measurement challenge.

Today we would like to introduce you one of the measuring equipment most demanded by our customers: The measuring arm

The measuring arm allows measurements to be made both by contact using a probe and without contact using a 3D laser scanner.

The type of services we perform with the arm is very diverse:

mapvision beneficios

Dimensional measurement, calculations, analysis and generation of reports of parts or assemblies in relation to 2D drawings and 3D models

mapvision beneficios

Point cloud acquisition and STL generation

mapvision beneficios

COLOR MAPPING inspection: color comparison with your theoretical 3D model to analyze deviations and deformations

mapvision beneficios

Reverse engineering

This technology is especially interesting when portability and flexibility are needed in measurement tasks, this is why we offer this service both in our facilities and in the customer's facilities.

If the volume and/or weight of your parts limit their handling, or what you need is fine-tuned in your facilities (large molds, large fixtures, welding station, prototyping of parts, short series, adjustment of stamping dies on-site, excess material in forging and foundries, plastic injection, measurement of car seats... etc.), don't worry, our technicians will come to your company to carry out the service.

Why should you outsource our measurement service?

  • Get your results on time. In times of production peaks, when measuring control machines are saturated, or you need professional support in your facilities, Sariki Precision Center’s measurement service can be your greatest ally. You will obtain your reports within the requested deadlines and with the highest reliability guaranteed, thus saving measurement times. What’s more, our metrologist technicians can provide you in-situ support whenever you need it.


  • Proximity and professionality. In Sariki Precision Center we collaborate hand in hand with you so that you can achieve your objectives in terms of dimensional quality control. Our measurement service is characterized by its proximity and active collaboration with customers, since the contact is maintained from beginning to end, adapting to your most specific needs.


  • A solution for almost any type of part. Thanks to the wide variety of technologies at our disposal, we can adapt to your most specific needs, and it won’t be necessary for you make a large investment in your facilities. In addition, our technician’s more than 20 years of experience and their versatility with different technologies, are synonymous of reliability and professionalism.


  • Cost reduction. Outsourcing your measurements will give you a competitiveness advantage in the market. You will save on machinery maintenance costs, calibrations, amortizations and qualified personnel’s costs, thus increasing your department’s performance. In case that the measurement frequency in your facilities is not high, our metrology laboratory is a safe bet to ensure your part’s quality.


  • Increase your department’s profitability. Our metrology service can become your best ally: when you need to carry out a set-up, urgent problems due to saturation, avoiding assembly problems, controlling parts before putting them in the machine… We support you in any of your problems, offering you the solution that best suits your needs, and increasing the profitability of your department.

We have a very efficient pick-up and shipment service, so the location of your company is not a problem to use our services. Consult us without commitment.

If you want more information about measurement services with portable arm fill in the contact form.

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