AXE 3D scanner

AXE-B17 3D model scanner utilizes optical measurement technology with a scanning speed of 2,000,000 measurements/s, quickly capturing 3D data of the object and getting precise deviations on the geometric surface.

With global initiative built-in photogrammetry system, AXE-B17 outputs ultra-large scanning area and metrology-grade measurement accuracy.

SCANTECH's metrology laboratory comply with ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


Sariki is SCANTECH'S MASTER RESELLER for Spain and Portugal

Ideal 3D scanning solution: AXE

No limitation of size, shape and material

Getting rid of limitations like size, shape, material and complexity of the object, AXE-B17 can freely choose working modes of efficient high-speed scanning and accurate deep hole scanning. It achieves ultra-high precision 3D inspection of medium to large-sized projects without the aid of extra devices.

Extreme-fast Response

AXE-B17 3D model scanner has 17 crossed blue laser lines that enable extremely fast and precise response with 2,000,000 measurements/s, offering extraordinary work efficiency.

Flexible Switching

Working modes are capable of freely switching based on scanning needs: efficient unrivaled-speed scanning; accurate deep hole scanning, dealing with intricate positions like deep holes and dead angles.

Unprecedented Patent

The global initiative built-in photogrammetry system is tailored for measuring medium to large-sized objects, with 0.030 mm/m of volumetric accuracy.

Ultra-wide Vision

Ultra-wide scanning area of 860 mm × 600 mm allows an optimal and smoother 3D scanning experience.

Stand-alone Operation

Operate alone to perform precise 360 ° real-time 3D inspection for medium to large-sized workpieces.



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High accuracy

on large-sized objects

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scanning rate

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photogrammetry system

Related products and services

With this system you can use different softwares depending on your needs and uses. We will always advise you about the most appropriate complement for your company if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask us.


You can use the AXE scanner in applications for Design and Manufacturing (Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Documentation, 3D Printing), Quality Department (Dimensional Control, Deformation Analysis, Repeatability Analysis), Health (Orthopedics, Prosthetics, Surgery Plastic Arts), Science and Art (Research, Train, Virtual Museums, Heritage Preservation, Architecture) and Video Games (Avatars, 3D Scenes, 3D Printing).

Quality control

Compare your measurements with the nominal CAD of the part and create a 3D color mapping with the errors


Identify and find solutions to any structural and functional defect by modeling the system or product in a virtual environment

Reverse engineering

Perform reverse engineering from the obtained point cloud (free form geometry and surfaces) and transform it into a native CAD model

3D printing

Manufacture detailed parts in various materials with perfect data integration with any 3D printer

Technical specifications

3D Scanner Escáner AXE B-17
Standard scanning 17 blue laser crosses
Deep hole scanning 1 extra blue laser line
Photogrammetry system Yes
Volume accuracy 0.020mm + 0.020 mm/m (with 1m reference bar)
Resolution 0.025 mm
Scanning rate Up to 2,000,000 measurements/s
Scanning area 3760 mm × 3150 mm

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