3D measurement with 5 axis probe

REVO® and PH20 technology add 2 additional axes to the 3 already available by the coordinate measuring machine.

Both use synchronized motion technology and 5-axis measurement to minimize the dynamic effects of MMC movement at ultra-high measurement speeds.


Ideal 3D measurement solution with integrated 5 axis probe: REVO and PH20

REVO® allows point-to-point and continuous measurements and offers great versatility by having a large number of components to be able to face applications where large probes are required (up to 500mm). The use of a flexible tip detection probe system further increases the accuracy and flexibility of the system and its infinite positioning capability guarantees optimal access while minimizing probe changes.

PH20 allows point-to-point measurements at high speed. Mounted on a TP20 generally produces an increase in production up to three times greater than in conventional systems.



Suitable for applications where you need a fast collection of large amounts of data at high precision. For example, blade measurement, guide measurement and valve seat, etc.

Technical specifications

Scan at high speed (up to 500 mm / s) and perform dynamic measurements

Perform probe calibration and adjustment in a short time

Perform high precision measurements. Revo® keeps the measuring force constant thanks to the controlled probe deflection

Face the most demanding applications. Probe lengths up to 500 mm are available

Infinitely positionable for enhanced flexibility (swivel range - 5° to + 120°, infinitely rotatable 0° - 360° – unlimited)

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