Microdeco collaborates with Sariki to achieve its challenge of high precision and in process inspection.

Technologies: Crysta Apex S, Vici Vision Techno series
Sector: Automotive


Being able to guarantee high quality standards in a demanding sector as the automotive requires defining strict control processes, having advanced technologies that facilitate improvement and optimization, and involving a staff that will be key in achieving the challenges.

In this sense, Microdeco has defined its route to be able to develop a high-accuracy quality product strategy and has identified in process dimensional verification as a key aspect to be developed. The role of quality is already assumed by plant operators, a key aspect of the company culture.

The quality area of Microdeco Ermua has defined a process that consists of 4 phases to guarantee the product standards of the hard-turning line, where they perform 100% inspection. In this line they work with tolerances of 4 microns for the outside of the part and 6 microns for the inside.

In the first phase they carry out the part verification against their nominal on the hard-turning machine. In the field of high precision, it is usual to work against a pattern.

In the second phase, plant operators perform crosscheck for the verification of inside with a three-dimensional machine Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 574. The crosscheck consists of the random comparison against pattern of 3 parts per batch. In this phase, the maximum allowed deviation is half a micron.

In a third phase, they perform the crosscheck for outside verification using Vici Vision Techno model optical measuring machine. In less than 70 seconds they calculate diameters, distances, angles and lengths and the operator checks in this way if the parts are in tolerance.

In the fourth and last phase, the operators use an artificial vision system to evaluate up to 50 positions on the outside of the parts.

Microdeco Ermua is organized by mini companies. Regardless of the verification processes defined for each of the manufacturing lines, each mini company has self-control areas to ensure maximum quality.

All the machines are connected to a common database, using the statistical control software STATPAK from Mitutoyo. They have about 35 million CP and CPK data, which are accessible from any computer in any of their plants. This information allows them to monitor their production and address possible customer claims in real time.

Microdeco has 5 Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines, 4 Vici Vision optical measuring machines, 3 Mitutoyo vision systems, 2 roughness testers and 2 Mitutoyo contour testers to guarantee the maximum precision of its production in all its plants.