Sariki and Industry 4.0

What place does Sariki occupy to help our clients face the challenges facing industry 4.0?

  • We integrate into automatic lines with the possibility of including sensors and provide some intelligence (SmartFactory).
  • We connect with robots and other automatic loading/unloading devices.
  • We interact with production management systems, ERP, MES.
  • We offer traceability data (barcodes, QR, for SPC treatment and analysis).
  • Servitization, new relationships with the customer (remote control, augmented reality).
  • Hybridization of inspection/measurement technologies, artificial vision.

Your challenges are our challenges

  • Guarantee production line cycle times
  • Develop multi-reference turnkey projects
    - With the minimum investment in fixtures
    - With a unique probe configuration for all
  • Bulk parts delivery, automatic recognition for loading in measuring equipment

Experience and knowledge

Experience has shown us that Mitutoyo’s specially designed machines for the workshop have better behavior in the specification level than the one described in their catalogs.

Structurally they are equipment with linear transmission systems, do not carry air skid, and are protected and fairing to withstand the production plant's own environmental conditions. They can also work at speeds and accelerations 3 times faster than conventional systems.

The Sariki project team is multidisciplinary and has been developing customized solutions for 15 years. We have measurement experts, electronics with integration capabilities, software developers ... who, depending on the challenge, work with engineering/integrators proposed by the customer or regular Sariki collaborators in order to offer the best solution.


How we work?


We identify the challenge with the customer and perform a complete analysis of the requirements. We change risk for success to reach a real win to win.

Solution Design

Comprehensive study of the references to be measured that are within the scope of the project, plane and 3D CAD as well as a customer-defined measurement guideline taking into account the requirements of the plane. Acceptance of dimensions to be measured under the project by reference. 3D measurement simulation in machine volume, possible technology options, equipment models, specification of elements for point capture.

Definition of:

  • Fixturing tool
  • Traceability and connectivity (input, output); connected and smart factory
  • Layout
  • Custom display interface
  • Result treatment
  • Type of study for machine acceptance (R&R)


  • Pre-acceptance of the solution proposed by Sariki (repeatability of the measuring system/fixture with manual loading)
  • Implementation phase and pre-acceptance (in integrator premises), repeatability of the system with automatic loading.
  • Implementation in customer premises and acceptance.
  • Operational training system.
  • Delivery of specific user manual.
  • Customer support at the start of production.


  • Specific contract conditions for inline equipment. Service level tailored to the needs. Predictive maintenance, definition of preventive guidelines for the operator (daily, weekly, monthly) as well as semiannual and annual maintenance by Sariki team.
  • Remote assistance in case of incidents, changes in programming, Smart services.

Case study

Sariki has developed an inline inspection solution for automatic component measurement for Orkli S.Coop