Intelligent & Inprocess metrology

Production metrology provides the sense and the point of reconciliation between quality and production within the workshop; It ceases to be a final sentence on a planned and completed productive activity and becomes a control medium that provides reliability and assurance to the processes, adjusting to the cycle times that production marks us.

Perform the control at the source preventing the error from being generated, with the objective of manufacturing “zero defects” or, in that process in which the error occurs, allows identifying the cause that causes it and being able to correct it before go to the next phase.


Technology and development


In line with the Lean manufacturing concept, at Sariki we offer you solutions for process control with direct and connected measuring equipment:

  • Connected to the entrance and communicated with (robots, loading systems, cranes, safety barriers and equivalent)
  • Connected to the rest of the plant (traceability of input data with ERP’s, MES production management programs,…)
  • Connected to the output (traceability of output data to own SPC and export to customer-owned SPC, ERP, MES ...)


Our solutions are developed under flexible and universal, versatile measurement systems; programmable for the life cycle of a project and reprogrammable and adaptable for future projects.

The concept is based on the replacement of the current routine and manual tasks of the multicota control posts and control tools with this flexible equipment.

The operator has a real-time monitoring of the results with information on the variability of the characteristics measured (or dimensions) outside tolerance (for example, no presence of a hole due to a tool breakage, etc.). You can control the variability of the process, with which you can determine the behavior of the process or the batch of products and can carry out go-no go checks.


Technology hybridization

We face integration projects from a holistic view of the inspection guidelines to be met by our customers.

We seek greater automation and data collection on the process by integrating the necessary metrological or inspection equipment and sensors. Coordinate measuring equipment, roughness testers with and without contact, laser triangulation, artificial vision cameras, non-contact temperature sensors, thermography, surface hardness, etc.


Case study

The GKN Driveline Legazpi project has focused on the problem of measuring high precision automotive components along cold forming forgings. The project was developed during 2014.